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Sound of Birth, information


Sound of Birth – Relaxing Sounds in Childbirth and Pregnancy

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori, DMus

14th of November 2018. 

Your own voice can help you relax in childbirth!

On this course we can learn to use our own voice consciously and deliberately to ease the pain during contractions.

 The exercises are simple: we sing vowels (A, O, OE etc) and resonating consonants (like MMM). We can feel with our hands the resonance, which is our voices vibration. These sounds are a relaxation method: the vowels produced with relaxed jaws immediately relax the muscles of pelvis and cervix. Through voice we learn to give ourselves physically and mentally. It opens our body for the baby.


With an intention to relax, every sound is also a healing sound. As our voice touches our body with respect, it opens the paths of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Sound is also communicating with one's own soul and the baby. Mother’s voice is consoling. It is interaction with the child: the same sounds calm down the child before the birth as well as after it.


Sound of birth is about accepting oneself with a tender voice.  All exercises are very soft, they are a meditation on the beginning of the life, the core of a woman. However, during the birth, woman's voice grows in strength and power as the contractions grow stronger. But the use of voice is controlled.


You do not need to know how to sing, and you need not be even pregnant. The course is suitable for everybody interested in the relaxation with one’s own voice.

Comments by the midwives: 

         ”A woman using her own voice is centered and focused. Through the repetition of voice, her breathing gets deeper.”

 ”The woman’s voice gives information about the progress of the birth: I can hear from her voice, which part of the labour is going on.”


         “Singing mother’s baby receives oxygen.”

Comments by the mothers:

 “I chose in the beginning of every contraction: do I push the panic button or do I use my voice. I chose my voice.”

 “I could feel my own voice through my body. It helped me to surrender in front of the new life.”

 “It did not take the pain away, but it took the sharp edge out of it. In the relaxed muscles the pain is not so strong.”


The teacher, pedagogy and doctor of music, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori has taught childbirth singing In Finland since 1998, for example in the natural childbirth ward at the Helsinki Maternity Hospital and in the school of midwifes.

You do not need to know  “how to sing”.  Your own voice is perfectly enough!



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