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Vuori (Rantala)


CV September 25th 2020



  • The Art pedagogigal degree in the University of Arts, Helsinki (60 op) 2020.
  • Introduction to the pedagogigal studies of the University of the Arts, Helsinki (5 op) 2016.
  • Doctor of music, Sibelius-Academy, the University of the Arts, Helsinki. Department of classical music, church music 2012.
  • Master of music Sibelius Academy, the University of the Arts, Helsinki. Department of music education 1995.
  • High School graduation, Lapua 1986.

 Language skills

  • Mother tongue Finnish.
  • English, Swedish, German, Latin.

 The employment history

  • The teacher of Gregorian chant since 2009 Sibelius Academy, the University of the Arts.
  • Free lance Gregorian chant -teacher since 1995.
  • Singer and artistic planner of a duo Vox Silentii since 1992.
  • Teacher of Medieval meditative chants -courses in Kallio protestant (Lutheran) congregation since 2003. Developer and cantor of Medieval mass in Kallio congregation since 2003.
  • Teacher of Birth Sound and developer of a singing birth -method since 1998. Permanent teaching places the Helsinki hospital of midwifery 2000–2013; Metropolia, the school of midwivery 2009–2019.
  • Teacher on the Singing pilgrimages – Plain chant -courses in Creece, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia and England since 2005.
  • Road Scholar -lecturer about the subject Music in Finland since 1999.
  • Plain chant -courses in Aümuhle retreat house in Hamburg, Germany 2006–2013.
  • Co-operation with the Catholic and the Orthodox church in Finland.
  • I am at the stage III in my scholarly career. I have a contract which is valid until further notice (Sibelius Academy). I have been or am at the moment a supervisor of six theses of church music students. I am a preliminary examiner of an artistic dissertation of Taru Hämäläinen 2019‒2022. I have shown my skills in the independent scholarly research. I am responsible for a course of Gregorian chant in Sibelius Academy and performances attached to the course. I am supported by Sibelius Academy to move within the scholarly society (Erasmus exchange, conference travel supports).

Grants 2015‒2020.

  • The biggest grant I have received is from Kone foundation 2015‒2018. 2015 one month grant rehearsing the concerts and cd-material; 2015 three months grant (10 400 euros) and  2016 (13 700) five months grant for studying the chants of the offices of Thomas Aquinas. The principal investigator was PhD Marika Räsänen. I was responsible for the musical research, also in writing the application. In addition to the personal workin grant, we received finances for the travels to the seminars (Finland, Sweden, France), conferences (England, U.S.A) and research in Rome (The Vatican Library and Casanatense Library). In connection to the research I gave over 20 lecture-workshops in Finland and abroad.
  • 2020, June: Musicians Union 1000 euros, the Covid work support for a professional musician.
  • 2020, June: The city of Espoo Cultural board, for the research of concert, course and cd-material (Gregorian Angelic chants).
  • 2019, Oodidoo: meditation-sound -video Cella Fontana with artists /painters Minna Rajala and Jaana Kortelainen. Central Ostrobothnia Regional Fund 4000 euros. Project leader Kortelainen. I was the  singer and responsible for planning and directing music in the project.
  • 2017, Olaus Petri församling. Consulting and directing Nina Fogelberg and Sofia Lindroos, project Cantus sororum – Systrarnas sång. 600 euros.
  • 2016, May-June, Finnish Cultural Foundation. For Kristina dance-and singing performance. My responsibility was planning, directing and singing of chants. The grant is one part of scholarship of choreography Marjo Kuusela’s project. 1150 euros.


Concerts, artistic work in Vox Silentii (Johanna Korhonen and Hilkka-Liisa Vuori), solo works, artistic work in between the arts and sciences

  • Concerts of Plain Chant since 1992 with vocal duo Vox Silentii in more than 100 churches in Finland, Spain, England, Germany, France, Sweden, Latvian, Italy (Vuori) and the United States of America (Vuori). 
  • Vox Silentii recordings: 14 CDs since 1996.
  • The scientifical-artistic work supported by Kone foundation 2015‒2018: Touching, Tasting, Hearing and Seeing. Sensorial Experiences in the Feasts of St Thomas Aquinas. Conserts in Finland, France, England, Italy and United States of America; a book, a cd, lectures, over 20 workshops and several articles.
  • A musical advisor in the project  Medieval hymns in Finnish -working group since 2017, the chair being doctor of theology Jouko Martikainen. (A Hymnbook is to be published 2021.)
  • A musical advisor in the project of Swedish church: the reneweal of Finnish lutheran liturgy in Sweden year 2018.
  • Co-operation with dance artists: Kristina, modern dance performance together with the dancers Unna Kitti, Aino Voutilainen and Reija Vaahtera. Choreography academic Marjo Kuusela, music Vox Silentii: July 2018 Kajaani poetry week; July 2017 Pyhäjärvi Full moon dance; March 2017, Kallio church Helsinki; June 2016 Naantali music festival. Concert together with a dance artist Virpi Pahkinen (meditative dance) and Tibetan monks (instrumental) in Vox Pacis festival in Stockholm 15.–23.8.2008. Singing in the God services with the dance-artist Riitta Vainio 2006 in Tapiola church Espoo and in Kallio church Helsinki.
  • The solo concerts by Hilkka-Liisa Vuori abroad: The University of Limerick, Ireland October 2018: Chants for Female Saints; The Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, Kalamazoo May 2018: The Medieval offices of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Concert-workshop in Rome,Villa Lante, in December 2015: The Medieval offices of St Thomas Aquinas. The Michigan Festival of Sacred Music, Kalamazoo May 2015: Modern chamber music inspired by the music of Hildegard von Bingen together with Western Michigan Symphony orchestra’s chamber orchestra. In Die Kirche der Stille, Hamburg , September 2010 and September 2012: Medieval  chants with Angels; Aumühle church in Hamburg June 2006: Gesänge der Stille.
  • Concerts and recordings, co-operation with kantele artist DMus Eija Kankaanranta since December 2017. Two concerts in Seurasaari soi  -festival 17.8.2018. Chants of Mary Magdalena; modern compositions of Juhani Nuorvala. Singing on the cd Leijuntaa – Flowing wih Kantele (Kanteleliitto 2019). Forthcoming a recording of Nuorvala’s compositions.
  • Co-operation with an art therapist, minister Terhi Varjoranta: Painting and sound resonance -courses since 2011.
  • A member of Oodidoo artistic group together with artists/painters Minna Rajala and Jaana Kortelainen since 2016: Cella fontana art and sound exhibition in Kankaanpää art school 2017; MOS18 in Kaapelitehdas, Puristamo in Helsinki 2018 (live, music performance in the opening 20.3.2018), audiovisual exhibition with Vuori’s leading voice to the meditative sound performed together with Rajala and Kortelainen; audiovisual exhibition in Rakvere Gallerii, Estonia 8.-30.6.2018; audiovisual exhibition in Patruunagalleria, Lapua 6/2019. Cella Fontana video performance in Pajakappeli, Lapua 7/2020‒11/2020.

Pedagogigal work: International scientifical and artistic conferences and workshops 20182020

  • 2020, 6. ‒8.3. University of Lund, Sweden, the Dome church congregation and the Dominicans. Paper: Music and modality in the memorial offices of Thomas Aquinas. Concert of Vox Silentii and br. Marie-Augustin O.P.
  • 2019, 29.8.‒31.8. Music, sound and wellbeing -conference. the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu. Workshop: Sensorial experiences in chanting. Acoustic exercises and the chants from the feasts of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
  • 2018, 15.–19.10.2018. Erasmus teacher exchange: The University of Limerick – Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, Ireland. Solo concert, lectures, teaching. The sujects:  Gregorian chants, Chants for Female Saints, Sound of Birth.
  • 2018, 8.–11.8. Linnaeus Universitetet. Cantus planus,  a confence of Plain Chants,Växjö, Sweden. A paper on Music and modality in the memorial offices of Thomas Aquinas.
  • 2018, 10.–13.5. Kalamazoo, Michigan, Yhdysvallat, Western Michigan University, International Medieval Congress. Workshop, concert and a paper. Music and modality in the memorial offices of Thomas Aquinas.


Publications Hilkka-Liisa Vuori (1966)

Recordings Vox Silentii

  • Creatio – Meditative Hildegard of Bingen. (Vox Silentii 2019).
  • Come, Prince of Peace. Celtic chants from Medieval and Modern times. Vox Silentii and Tuomo Pulkkinen. (Vox Silentii 2017).
  • Felix Thomas lumen mundi Medieval chants for the feasts of Thomas Aquinas. Vox Silentii and Br. Marie-Augustin O.P. (Vox Silentii 2016).
  • Veni Sancte Spiritus – Tule, Pyhä Henki Keskiajan hymnistä virreksi. Hymns. Vox Silentii, Juhani Aaltonen and Tuomo Pulkkinen. (Vox Silentii 2013).
  • Memento mei – Medieval Easter time chants (Proprius 2011).
  • Kuule minua – Körttivirsi kohtaa keskiajan kirkkolaulun, Vox Silentii and Samuli Korkalainen. (Herättäjä-Yhdistys 2009).
  • Ole minulle – Lohdun psalmeja keskiaikaisin sävelin,  (Psalms ) (Vox Silentii 2007).
  • Passio Sanctarum Filiarum – Medieval Chants for Female Saints (Proprius 2006).
  • Nox lucis – Valon yö, Medieval Christmas Chants  (Proprius 2006).
  • Unen aika – suomalaisia tuutulauluja, (Finnish lullabies) (Fg-Naxos 2004).
  • Videte miraculum Medieval Bridgettine songs from Naantali Convent (Proprius 2003).
  • Cantus Sororum Medieval Bridgettine songs from Naantali Convent. (Proprius 2002).
  • Kyrie eleison (Vox Silentii 1997).


  • Neitsyt Marian yrttitarhassa – Birgittalaissisarten matutinumin suuret responsoriot.Sibelius Academy. Studia Musica 47, 2011. Dissertation, Church music department.
  • Hiljaisuuden syvä ääni.  A final paper of music pedagogigal master studies in Sibelius Academy. 1995. 1. edition Kriittinen korkeakoulu 1995. 1996, 1999; Vox Silentii 1999; Vuori 2003, 2011 and  2014.)

 Refereed scientifical articles

  • Räsänen, Marika & Vuori, Hilkka-Liisa & Korhonen, Johanna & Heikkinen, Seppo. January 2020.  Keskiaikainen liturgia elettynä ja koettuna. -Suomen kirkkohistoriallisen seuran vuosikirja 2019: Ttunteet, asitit ja uskonnollinen kokemus,73‒108.
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Publications intended for professional communities

  • Body, soul and sound workshop. A Meditative Approach to Hildegard of Bingen’s Chants. -Musiikin suunta, 2/2019.
  • Birgittasystrarnas sånger och forskningen kring dessa 2018.  -Nådenadal – Vallis Gratiae, Finlands Birgittakloster (edit. Charlotte Cederbom, Olle Ferm och Staffan Nyström), Scripta maiora 10, Stockholm: Sällskapet Runica et Mediævalia. 77‒94.
  • Marika Räsänen, Seppo Heikkinen ja Hilkka-Liisa Vuori 2017 (2019). From a Hiding Place to the Eternal Glory. Thomas Aquinas’s Saintly Presence in Dominican Liturgy. -Quastiones Medii Aevi Novae, vol. 22, Medieval Scandinavia, Culture savante et politique. 53–80.
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General public publications

  • Cantus sororum -chantbook. Vox Silentii and Catholic information center, Catholic church in Finland 2015.
  • Heliga Birgitta Europas Skyddshelgon, Birgitta och Finland (red. Päivi Setälä & Eva Ahl-Waris). Societas Sanctae Birgittae, Stockholm 2012, 104–134.
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  • Synnytyslaulu. (Birth Sound) Artikkeli kirjassa Aika laulaa lapsen kanssa: polkuja lastenmusiikin historiassa (toim. Anu Ahola ja Juha Nikulainen, kuvitus Maria Heikkilä) WSOY 2010.
  • Hiljaisuuden ääni – hiljainen rukouslaulu. (The sound of silence) Artikkeli lehdessä Sinapinsiemen 2010.
  • A ja O – luominen äänenä ja kuvina. –– A och O – Handbok i skapandet av ljud och bild. Vox Silentii–Vuori, Hilkka-Liisa–Lax, Henrika. Sahlgren 2009. Kirjat sisältävät myös cd-levyn. (Book and cd about meditation).
  • Hyrinähetki.(Baby book about singing). Raisa Cacciatore, Osmo Penna, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori ja Lea Hyvärinen. WSOY 2007.
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  • Laulava luostari. (A singing convent) Article in the book Pyhä Birgitta – Euroopan suojeluspyhimys (Edit. Päivi Setälä and Eva Ahl). Otava 2003, 122–160.