Hilkka-Liisa Vuori
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Johanna Korhonen

Vox Silentii ry
c/o Vuori
Suopuronniitty 7b
02920 ESPOO
Suomi Finland

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CD: Christmas chants Nox lucis - Valon yö

Valon yö -levyn laulut ovat joulun iloa, mutta myös kaipausta, surua ja yksinäisyyttä. Pimeyden keskelle saapuu Valo, Jeesus-lapsi.  Yksi suosikkimme on levyn alussa Marian tervehdystä seuraava enkelin tervehdys Joosefille: "Älä pelkää..."

Nox lucis is about meditative Christmas time. There are of course some little joyful antiphones like "Hodie Christus natus est" - "Today Christ is born", or a sweet Christmas chant "Benedicamus" about the baby Jesus. But more over we have wanted to bring audible the expecting, wondering, even insecure and a little bit sad thoughts. Musically the cd could be described with three steps: in the beginning of the cd there is an atmosphere of searching - the chants are in G-mode; in the middle of the cd there is mystery - the chants are in e-mode; and in the end, peace with d-mode chants. All these chants on the cd have been sung in medieval Finland. The antiphones - the shorter chants - are like glimpses of sceneries and towards the end of the cd we have chosen longer hymns for the meditation. In the heart of the cd there is "Kyrie eleison" - "Lord have mercy on us", which is then followed by the happiness of Christmas. Our special favourite is the Angel's greeting to Joseph: "Do not be afraid..."


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Finnish vocal duet Vox Silentii, which has been performing since 1992, specializes in monophonic medieval plainsong. Johanna Korhonen and Hilkka-Liisa Vuori have voices of exceptional purity and such an uncanny ability to blend that they can sound like they are singing with a single voice. Their combined tone occasionally produces ghostly but clearly audible overtones, and the effect is awe-inspiring. The unity they project also extends to their beautifully formed vowels, and even the subtle shifts in their diphthongs are perfectly matched. Their impeccable unanimity is highlighted at the rare moments when they break into two parts, with one voice singing a drone under the melody. The effect could hardly be more dramatic; it feels like a seismic shift of great magnitude. The album's subtitle is "Medieval Chants for Christmas," and all of the selections emanate a stillness and sense of wonder, sometimes hushed and sometimes quietly ecstatic. This album would make an excellent background for quiet meditation, but the subtlety and ravishing purity of the performances also reward close listening. Although there is no great variety in the moods presented here, the singers' focused intensity keeps the music continually fascinating; there's not a dull moment on the CD. The sound of the SACD is appropriately resonant and accurately captures the details of the performance and the acoustical characteristics of the church in which the recording was made. The singers are miked at a relatively high level, so listeners may want to lower the volume to keep some of the pitches from being too piercingly intense.

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