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Press release: Celtic chants -cd



Vox Silentii 15.3.2017


Record releasing concert:


Come, Prince of Peace

Celtic chants from Medieval and Modern times

Tule, Rauhanruhtinas – Kelttirukouslauluja keskiajalta tähän päivään

Su 9.4.2017 klo 17.  Käpylän kirkko (Metsolantie 14)

Vox Silentii ja Tuomo Pulkkinen

Ennen konserttia dosentti Katja Ritarin esitelmä Kelttipyhimyksistä klo 16:30.

Free entrance, programme 10 e


Vox Silentii’s 13th cd brings forward the poetry of a modern writer David Adam in Finnish and the old Latin chants dedicated to the Irish saints, St Brigid and St Columba. Chants are also available as a chant book.


Celtic chants on this record

This record constitutes a journey from medieval saint-themed chants to the Celtic poetry of today. The first two Latin chants are dedicated to St Brigid (400–500), Ireland’s most important female saint. In the chant Hanc de Britannia, Christianity encounters the pre-Christian age in a moving way: druids and bishops rejoice in the saint’s birth side by side. Most of the Latin chants have their

origins in the liturgical hours of another Celtic saint, St Columba (521–597).


The texts of the Finnish chants on this record are Celtic prayers compiled  and composed by David Adam (born 1936), Anglican priest and poet. Tuomo Pulkkinen has set them to the melodies of chants dedicated to St Brigid and St Columba. David is a highly beloved poet and cleric, who has, in his prayers, managed to convey the essence of the Celtic tradition: that of a man who lives close

to nature in a permanent inner state of pilgrimage. In addition to the prayers he himself has composed, he is also a collector of old Celtic prayers.

The transcriptions of the Latin and the Finnish chants and the arrangements of the Finnish ones are by Tuomo Pulkkinen. This record would not have been possible without Tuomo’s deep love for the chants of Columba and Brigid, and his profound skill in setting David Adam’s prayers to these ancient Celtic liturgical melodies. We feel that, on our record, the saints of the fifth and sixth centuries come together with melodies that were written down in the 14th century, as well as with modern Celtic-inspired poetry.


Established in 1992 Vox Silentii (Johanna Korhonen and Hilkka-Liisa Vuori) sings, teaches, and studies the music of medieval convents. Vox Silentii has recorded 12 CDs. Tuomo Pulkkinen

and Vox Silentii have worked together many years building up the Meditative Mass with Medieval Melodies in Kallio congregation in Helsinki. Tuomo also contributes to Vox Silentii’s hymn-CD Veni, Sancte Spiritus released in 2013.


Recording place: The Church of Saint Henry, Pyhtää 17.–19.10.2016

Recording engineer: Mika Koivusalo


Information and CD-orders.

Hilkka-Liisa Vuori




Cd is available also in music store Fuga, Helsinki.

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