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BirthSound -course on line in April 2021




Relaxing Sounds in Childbirth and Pregnancy


Your own voice can help you relax in childbirth!

On this course we can learn to use our own voice consciously and deliberately to ease the pain during contractions. You do not need to know how to sing, and you need not be even pregnant. The course is suitable for everybody interested in the relaxation with one’s own voice.

The teacher, pedagogy and doctor of music, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori has taught childbirth singing In Finland since 1998. The exercises are simple: we sing vowels (A, O, OE etc) and resonating consonants (like MMM).


Zoom online course

Course I 4th, 11th and the 18th of March

Course II 8th, 15th and 22nd of April 2021.

5-6 P.M.

60 euros a three-time course. 

Ask more: hilkka-liisa.vuori @ uniarts.fi


Sign in the course. 

 www.helsinginseurakuntayhtyma.fi/kallio tai

(09) 2340 3611 tai kallio.srk@evl.fi

 More courses coming in May and in the Summer!


”A woman using her own voice is centered and focused. Through the    

            repetition of voice, her breathing gets deeper.”


       ”The woman’s voice gives information about the progress of the birth: I can hear from

                                  her voice, which part of the labour is going on.”


 “Singing mother’s baby receives oxygen.”

Comments by midwives



Kallio congregation and Agricola church training college

See also www.voxsilentii.fi

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