Hilkka-Liisa Vuori
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Johanna Korhonen

Vox Silentii ry
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Suomi Finland

Vox Silentii Vocal Ensemble

Vox Silentii was formed in 1992 in Helsinki, Finland. The ensemble is
specialised on liturgical music of Middle Ages and Early Middle Ages (also
called Gregorian chant).We make music by using a number of cornerstones which
our singing is based on.

Voice. For us, this is the link to the unseen. The voice is a movement of soul
which leads us into a quiet state. Voice is en entity, which is formed by a
basic sound and its harmony. Voice is resonance within the body.

Harmonic song. This is found in many old culturea and harmonics are most clearly
and brightly heard in old choral singing.

Modes. This basically means scales. The modes we use are based on
Pythagoras'concept of music and voice and also an the harmonic series. The
concept of mode is manifold. In ancient times, modes were believed to have a
special effect on a person depending on their character. Therefore, a mode is
also the vocal expression of human psychophysical space.

Space. This has great significance. The voice resonates in the body and the
space in which we are singing.At its best, the human voice sound rich and
diverse inside a church.

Contemplation, prayer. In the words of Mother Juliana of Norwich: "Our soul is
created to accommodate God and the sould dwells in God the Creator."